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HOW TO WRITE A BOOK - 9 months mentorship program

There goes another year, another Book Fair and it looks like that every insignificant person has published a book and you have not yet?

You have not even started although you have a fantastic idea and everyone is telling you that you need to write a book. But, you can’t. It seems that you are not able to find enough time or enough inspiration. Or enough good topics or deep down you believe you are not that good. Not good at all. But look at the trash that is on market nowdays…

Maybe you already have everything just can’t work it out, arrange it, refurbish a little and show someone to give you advice. Or ... even inventing other excuses.

Those who wants they find a way but those who don’t - they will always find an excuse.
Ommmm, million excuses.
Our inner critic and censor are tireless in coming up with excuses. Well, are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Relax, have a solution for you - you need someone to guide you through the creative process. When we were children learning how to walk, we started small, without ambitions and fears, first crawling a bit… and someone was always there to believe in you, cheer you up, hold your hand and support you, until at one magical moment – you started to walk by yourself.

Magic, ha.

And then you go on your way...
Walk the walk.
Talk the talk.

9-month mentorship programs How to write a book is a dedicated individual work. No excuses, just a little discipline. And just a little discipline is something that makes a difference between the authors with a book than without it. It’s been said that 82% of people in the world wants to write a book. For some of them it is a secret wish. But also a calling from the soul.

Although it seems that there is a lot (I mean a lot) of writers and titles, the truth is that a very small percentage actually transfer their ideas into a book. Why do not you enter into that circle of dedicated authors who regardless of the fact that today "everyone has a book," sat down and did the work - a small group of those who have written a book. The book. Your Book. Then publish it; you will always remember your first, yes. And then the second and a third ... and at the certain moment you will realize that you live a creative life. That you know the magic of creativity. 

Yes, Big Magic.

What distinguishes a published writer from you? He or she. What they had in mind – they did. It looks easy and simple when someone else does. When the artist or any professional is doing it, whatever they created or creating at the spot looks so graceful and easy, very simple and easy. Nobody knows how he or she came to that point, how many ups and downs, torn paper, tormented souls, broken glass and failed projects. Sometimes we do it the hard way, but we all have our process and our beliefs. And how we learn our lessons and prosper. It is all the process of creation.

During that process we will find out what we want. It becomes clearer who we are, what we are and where we're going. And you want to write a book, right? 

Welcome, this will be one-hell-of-a-fantastic journey!

What will be the product of this program - after 9 months - you will have your first baby in your arms! Actually, in the computer or handwritten, if you like it that way, why not. You will be the person who has done what was intended. And while you are doing it you will have professional help through all your sabotages, all your dilemmas, traumas and perfectionist traps. There is someone who went through all of those traps, all the trappings of the artistic process and can help you them demystify them. Sometimes something seems that is in our way. Something that what is in our way - is the way. Something seems impracticable and impossible until it is done. Only after we see through our illusions, but then everything was so real. Scarry, too. Go through all the illusions in a fun way, although there will be tears. And anger and jealousy and hard feelings but it's all part of the process. I mean, how else you can learn the difference between tragedy and comedy.

In each of us there is a wizard hidden. He is waiting for us to call him, so that he can practice magic and play with imagination. The Wizard in you creates out of nothing, from the infinite field of possibilities. Where anything is possible. Yes, Big Magic.

We will learn how to write every day, you will think like a writer, acting as a writer and in fact, until you realize that you are a writer. Everyone's life is worth at least one book, and someone deserves more. There are various stereotypes and our imaginary ideas how the writer should look like, live or behave. Or how a female writer should look like, live or behave. All that "should" and "must" will be on the test. All that is holding us back, blocking, sabotaging and restricting. Muses are with us. And all the alchemists, fairies and wizards.

They will also assist us to find our authentic voice, writing style, our themes, our process of creating ... yes, yes, and yes - in this way, you will realize yourself the most. You will get to know yourself. You will become your best lover and supporter, partner, parent and publisher.

And, you will write a book.

This is who I am - your mentor

Zana Poliakov is the author of the bestselling trilogy of confusion (Lovemarks or another book about the confusion, I AM LOVE another book about the confusion and She Knows a book about the confusion that it is not), and best-selling motivational aka self-help books SOULFOOD, sensational introduction to happier life. Her books have become for many readers some kind of bible and her writing style and life principles are recognizable inspiration to the entire Balkan region, through books, columns in magazines and online posts. When working with Zana everything becomes charmingly personal and all of a sudden, very amusing ... once wrote her publisher and playwright Stevan Vraneš while she was the first and iconic editor in chief of Sensa, magazine for a happier life. The life that we create is our artwork so she replaced her urban life with life in nature. She lives on a ranch outside of Serbia capital city, Belgrade. In a smaller town. Chasing the sun around the planet like barefoot contessa. India is her home. It has that magic where everything is possible. Local expression is Everything is pussyble. Especially at one small fishermen’s village in Goa. Hush, hush, it is a secret place. Once called herself an Editor in chief of the Life and managing director of the Universe. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Does not take her too seriously. And every now and then, which means often enough, she publish a book that readers love, happy to cherish them as special gifts for dear friends and loved ones.


well, no WORK  - ALL PLAY

Back to school starts from October 2015 to June 2016. But since this is an individual mentorship, you can apply and start anytime you decide to commit to the 9 months process.

We have a live meetings, when and where that is possible but it is not necessary at all. We live in this world and now we know how to meet online. At least once a month Skype Conversation (with coffee or wine) and e-mails regularly. You will receive quests, you will explore, do the writing, play with imagination, discuss, explain, dream with open eyes, do the writing, a little bit of listening to others, you will be doing interviews and reportages on assignment, you will try something that you have never did, meditate, levitate, spend time in nature, experiment, fantasize, write down, you might fall in love, laugh a lot more then usual, exercise, practice planting, digging and getting to know people, and especially oneself. The wizard in you.

Above all, you will have fun in the process.

And you will write a book.



Send an email to why exactly you need a mentor and what do you plan to do. Then, let's do the interview and sign a contract. You need that contract.
It takes commitment and discipline.
Patience and time. Love, passion and magic.

The price 9-month mentorship program is 530 euros.
That's a small investment of 60 euros per month. Pretty cool.

Maybe nothing is real but anything is possible, right?
Or you can send your additional questions and apply through this cool contact form.
The answer is always Yes.

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